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  •  I'm personally boycotting Florida... (5+ / 0-)

    ....I am a specialty contractor, I work with a product that preserves painted metal from sun-damage and salt-air attack, primarily in the self storage industry.

    I've told two different people that generate leads and contracts for me that I really don't want to work in Florida, let the guys in Atlanta go down there, cause I don't wanna.

    I've had this attitude for a long time, mostly based upon some really annoying experiences in Florida, topped off by recent antics of the criminal justice system...

    I worked a job in Palm City in Feb '08, and finished just in time to participate in the "Spring Break Mountain Bike Festival" in Santos, FL, south of Ocala.

    I enjoyed riding on the Cross-Florida Greenway, and, since I didn't have another job and needed to do some marketing, I decided to linger in the area after the festival, doing my mail and internet marketing from my motor home.

    I had permission to park in a businesses parking lot, but I left it very early every morning to avoid inconveniencing the other customers, and I would go to one of the Greenway trailheads about 7 am every morning, to make breakfast, go for a short ride, then spend a couple of hours writing sales letters, stuffing envelopes with sales propaganda etc, in order to get another job.

    Before long the Marion County Sheriff's Department decided that they needed to keep an eye on the Hippie inna Motorhome who was illegally camped on the Greenway, and began harassing me on a pretty regular basis, banging on the door while I'm working, demanding to know what I'm doing, do I know that camping on the Greenway is illegal, what do you mean you're here to ride your bike, where's yer bike? (It's inside here, see?)

    It got to the point where the bastards were hassling me EVERY FUCKING DAY.  One day I had one of the assholes berate me over a bag of garbage sitting outside my door, a bag of garbage I'd just picked up AT THE TRAILHEAD, like I did every morning at each of the trailheads, as the county wasn't providing a dumpster or garbage can at the site, and the townie kids would apparently party it up at the trailheads late at night and leave all their beer cans and McDonald's wrappers and other trash all over the place.  The deputy threatened to cite me for littering.

    The straw that broke the camel's back for me was the day I parked in front of the Marion County Public Library in order to use the internet connection at the library to check email and send out some messages, I was busily going through my list of notes I needed to send and gathering my notes, then "bang bang bang" on the door, it's the fucking Marion County Sheriff's Department AGAIN, this time there's FOUR of them, one is a Lieutenant, and she's got her pistol unlatched and has her hand on the weapon as I open the door and ask them what they want.

    They wanted to see my license, registration, insurance card etc, and the reason is because the sticker on my license plate read "2005."  Mind you, these idiots are from the same Department that hassled me almost daily for two weeks, including checking my registration, and they had plenty of reassurance that yes, the fucking motor home is properly registered and insured, like the ten other times you checked, and they'd been told about ten times that the State of New Jersey stopped issuing annual license plate stickers in 2005.

    By this time I'd been in Marion County for about two and a half weeks, I'd spent nearly $2,000 in various businesses in the county for food, gas, camping fees, propane, etc, and I just decided I'd had enough, and a lady in North Carolina was telling me she and her husband were interested, could I come up and look at their property, so I bugged out, after wiping the dust of Marion County from my feet.

    Fuck those people, they'll never get another dime or another bit of work outta me. Ever.

    "Ronald Reagan is DEAD! His policies live on but we're doing something about THAT!"

    by leftykook on Sun Jul 14, 2013 at 10:00:29 AM PDT

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