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  •  Codes & procedures change anyway (1+ / 0-)
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    This is SIGINTS, not people in the field (like Plame and her colleagues, who Cheney torched).

    One standard procedure would be changing codes (like passwords etc) often.  So all that would be is a standard change now, instead of later.  It's not 'codes' like WWII, codebooks that would have to be published and physically disseminated to prevent the Bad Guys from understanding a planned paratrooper drop behind enemy lines.

    And as for procedures, that looks similar to me.  The procedures for running reports (etc) on different pieces of software wouldn't be likely to change.  Terrorists (I assume) change their phones and ways of communicating as part of their own security practices, so for them as well, any changes they would make to methods would be just another instance of making another standard change.

    As for facilities -- well, that's hardware, or buildings, non of which appear to have suffered any harm.

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