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View Diary: Adventures in Online Education: Understanding Why Zimmerman is the Victim (48 comments)

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    I've heard from a fair number of people that in their view, following is a highly provocative act.  It almost always indicates the follower is intent on harming you in some way.  In their mind, that justifies TM's actions.  This could have been it, as I mention in my first post.  The confrontation was the following.  I don't know how you fix this problem, other than with the law, which doesn't make following a crime.

    Regarding the self defense aspect of it, I've been mugged, and I can tell you it is terrifying.  I was pushed over backwards into a creek, and the back of my head directly hit a rock (probably a 7 foot drop to the rock).  I saw stars, like in the comic strips, but had no bumps, cuts, or bruises.  So I can't agree it's likely Martin was not bashing Zimmerman's head against the concrete.  Also, having been in that position, I can tell you it is incredibly terrifying, especially because you have no control.  In my case, the fear was compounded because I did not know who was attacking me, having never seen them before.  I had no idea what they might do next.  Could they kill me?  Of course they could.  Fortunately, they didn't.

    I suppose I'm trying to say, I know what that feeling is like, and for sure after hearing those screams I know what Zimmerman felt like.  He was in fear for his life.

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