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  •  gday all; waiting for SS interview today (6+ / 0-)

    Really makes no sense to me; I have been qualified for SSDI dating to 06/2007.  My wife, when she died, also received SSDI.  Since she earned more than I, it would seem I should transfer my account to Survivor benefits on her account rather than to continue to draw on my own account.

    Requirements are that I must be over 60, must be disabled, and that she was receiving SS benefits when she died.  I sent in copies of the Probate Court materials and death certificate.  SS then requested updated medical records which they received.  My question would be why this was not an automatic procedure since all my information is already in their system.

    However it appears that I must prove, again, to the system that I am disabled, despite currently receiving SSDI benefits.  They appear to accept that she is dead and that I am over 60.  It also appears the right hand and left hand of SS are not acquainted with each other.  

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