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View Diary: Best images in the aftermath of horrible Trayvon Martin verdict. (4 comments)

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  •  the lack of a defining image (0+ / 0-)

    This case always lacked a defining visual.  That's because the murder took place in the proverbial dark alley, at the hands of a liar who obfuscated the truth.

    Rachael Jeantel told the truth, but she never saw with her eyes the car-to-pedestrian chase down Twin Trees Lane that caused Trayvon Martin to run away in fear.  Nor did she she who closed the gap between the two, even though she was in a conversation about how the teen was trying to elude his pursuer.  

    Surveillance videos failed to record George Zimmerman pulling over in the clubhouse parking lot to call police, because his tale is a lie.  

    Images of the body were censored from the public for over a year.  

    Evidence photos released to the public inexplicably did NOT include the pack of skittles.  (check it for yourself, and go figure)

    Prosecutors waited until the eve of the trial to release a color version of the map the GZ marked his lies on, deliberately crossing out his real position of his car, facing the mail kiosk shortly before the teen had the temerity to walk past his car on his way home, setting in motion the vehicular pursuit.  

    Then they waited until the last possible moment, rebuttal on closing arguments to show the jury that his tale was inconsistent with where he allegedly first saw the teen enter the complex by circling the least significant lie on his hand drawn map.  

    Every time the defense waved around a cell phone pic of the back of George's slightly bloodied head, no one bothered to point out that he was holding a cell phone up to his ear, a detail he never bothered to tell anyone about, not even Sean Hannity.  

    Like the names of the murderers of Emmet Till, George Zimmerman's name will also  be forgotten.

    What will remain is the memory of Trayvon, and the bravery of his family.  

    When a parent dies, you are called an orphan.  When a husband dies, a widow.  There is no word in the english language for what to call a loving parent who has lost a child.  

    This is a case about what wasn't seen, and can't be named.

    There are no appropriate images in my opinion.  

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