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View Diary: Contrary to WaPo, NSA Massive Domestic Spying Predates 2005 (149 comments)

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  •  Do you really think collecting personal data on (1+ / 0-)
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    millions of people in Iraq and Afghanistan kept US troops safe? Did it help 'win' the wars?

    Bin Laden and his ragtag band of box cutter terrorists won big time. He spent about 5 or 10 million dollars training a few hundred religious nutbars and caused the US to send 6735 soldiers to their deaths, 50,000 plus wounded and 3 to 4 trillion dollars wasted. In addition, 22 veterans now commit suicide each and every day.

    The data that needs to be collected is on those who contrive to start these wars, not those that try to stop them.

    helps keep US troops safe
    There is only one solution. Stop sending these young men into battles and conflicts the US creates in the first place.

    You need a lesson from a veteran from Iraq:

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