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View Diary: DCCC recruits right-wing extremist to run for Congress in Ohio's 6th District (299 comments)

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    The GOP is constantly pushing the boundaries of the political discussion on the right. The Democrats, instead of articulating a principled progressive/liberal vision--with rare exception--too often accept the GOP terms of debate and just try and distinguish themselves a little to the left.

    You lay the groundwork for the future--even in conservative districts--by making a principled argument for a different politics. You challenge people and some of them will have their minds changed.

    My God, if there is an issue that proves that it is marriage equality--in 2004 a wedge issue for the GOP and now a wedge issue for the Democrats.

    This attitude of the DCCC's is defeatist. It reveals a lack of confidence in the principles of the Democratic Party. Voters pick up on that lack of confidence and most don't find it attractive.

    The party has won biggest in years like 2006 and 2008 when it has presented itself aggressively and unapologetically as a vehicle for liberal change. (That it had no intention of actually carrying through on that change is a separate issue.) When the party muddies the message or allows GOP frames to dominate--as in 2010--the results are predictably--they were predicted by many of us--disastrous.

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