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View Diary: DCCC recruits right-wing extremist to run for Congress in Ohio's 6th District (299 comments)

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  •  and you are a hypocrite (0+ / 0-)

    you are arguing that I should give someone the benefit of the doubt even as you don't.

    I am done talking to you I don't like hypocrites but I especially dislike petty hypocrites. I don't care what you care about or don't care about. Your actions speak for themselves and they speak to someone I want nothing to do with.

    Translation generally isn't an art not for such a simple sentence. It's not like I wrote a paragraph or a novel and you know what? Even then you likely would still see similarities with google translate because German grammar is somewhat similar to English grammar. About the only 'art' to translation is when words are  difficult to translate  like Torschlusspanik or Hilfsbereitschaf because they either somewhat or completely not literal translations or you use more obscure meanings for some words.

    As I said in that thread, either you accept I have some command of German or you don't but I realize now a little late that there is no real way to prove it because the people I am dealing with are not interested in acting in good faith and frankly anything I say could be from (insert translator here).

     So you please keep being petty keep being a hypocrite and keep defending 3rd party advocates. Now that I know what you are I simply want nothing to do with you

    In the time that I have been given,
    I am what I am
    Shop Kos Katalogue or the Parrot gets it

    by duhban on Mon Jul 15, 2013 at 06:31:24 PM PDT

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