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View Diary: Reid to Republicans: If you don't want the rules change, stop filibustering (70 comments)

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    Change the rules at all on the filibuster, even if you limit the change to just the President nominating his own Exec Branch team, and the Rs will never respect any sort of filibuster when and if they get the majority back.

    In the immediate future, it will mean all-out war.  They will use whatever minority privilege you leave them to tie up the Senate.  In the end, it will prove necessary to end the filibuster completely anyway to allow Senate business to move forward.

    Just end the filibuster now, in one go, completely and cleanly.  The main risk is being perceived as high-handed and power-grabbing by the electorate.  The best way to minimize that risk is to put as much time as possible between the end of the filibuster and the next election.  The people will have  over a year to see that no power grab results, and the predictably shrill R response will by then seem just another example of their histrionics and hysteria.  

    But if we don't end the filibuster, and the hold, cleanly and at one fell swoop, we let them dictate the timing.  We let them play out the fake drama, as they use whatever privileges we leave them in ways that eventually require the privileges be withdrawn one by one.  The absence of the power grab that their rhetoric will claim is the intended result won't be so stark and obvious to voters only half paying attention, because they will claim that only the remaining privileges we haven't yet taken from them protect us all from the godless tyranny of Dem socialism.  Then they arrange it so we have to take away the last privilege just at the right time to still be fresh in voters' minds, and way too early to make it clear that the world without the filibuster is not much like the Third Reich or the Soviet Union under Stalin.  

    The states must be abolished.

    by gtomkins on Mon Jul 15, 2013 at 02:27:14 PM PDT

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