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View Diary: Republican overreach on curbing abortion could damage their 2014 chances, some Democrats say (85 comments)

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  •  I know (hope?) that's snark but... (0+ / 0-) was Publican overreach in the W years that precipitated the Dem Congressional takeover and the Obama landslide (funny, innit, how the corporate media never made that particular meme happen).
    We'll never know what would have happened if they'd chosen to govern as real Dem's, instead of constantly capitulating to the Publicans and conservadems.  (I mean what would the Publicans have done then -- call Obama and such real Dem's "Communists," "Muslims," "tyrannical traitors?"  Lied about them on the teevee?)  But I seriously doubt it could have been any worse than the actual 2010 outcome, with the results we're still suffering today.
    I fear we may have to suffer more Publican wins before Jane and Joe Sixpakk really get the point again.
    Having Obama -- and far too many of "our" Congresscritters -- still caving to Publicans, adopting and supporting their narratives, and failing to aggressively pursue real policy changes on too many issues (even if they lose, it's being seen fighting for us that counts), does not bode well for '14.
    "We're not as insane, or bad for you or our country, as they are" somehow fails to stir my blood.
    What say you?

    •  Republicans have a constant wind at their backs (0+ / 0-)

      due to the courtiers in the media. I fear that things have to get worse down to a Mad Max kind of civilization before the muddle in the middle groks that maybe the hippies were right after all.

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