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  •  The crux of the biscuit (4.00)
    Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions (news, bio, voting record) of Alabama said: "This country is not systematically abusing prisoners. We have no policy to do so. And it's wrong to suggest that. And it puts our soldiers at risk who are in this battle because we sent them there."

    Excuse me. Violating someones right to not be incarcerated indefinitely without due process IS abuse...of civil and human rights. I don't care how much lemon chicken you shove down my throat, if I am in a cell without a process to dispute it, I am being abused. And if you are merely paying local leaders to come up with a quota of "enemy combattants", it is systematic abuse.

    If it is your policy to hold me indefinitely, as the Dep. AG said it is, your policy is to abuse me as a detainee. You abuse my humanity and you abuse your own notion of freedom.

    It is wrong to suggest that holding someone who may only be guilty of being sold to you as a captive without due process isn't abuse.

    I don't know how plainly it needs to be put. The allegations of torture are not the only abuse. The detention without recourse is the primary abuse; the one without which no other abuse would occur. And that is not an alleged abuse; it is freely admitted by the captors.

    I hope this comes stumbling out of a good senator's mouth soon.

    -Saint Waldo

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