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View Diary: Bush Administration: 'we can lock them up forever' (82 comments)

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  •  What do we stand for? (none)
    Are we a country of laws based on the Constitution or are we supporters of the Office of the President of the United States?

    Who can hold the President and his cabinet accountable for defying the Constitution. The Congress? If they fail to act, who can hold them accountable? The Press? If the Press is compliant, then what?

    I'm not one calling for Revolution or anything like that. There's no use shedding new blood to protest the old, but damn. What can one do?

    I could call my Congressman, Anne Northup, but what can she do? She's beholded to the Republican Party, not her district it would seem.

    Who has an answer? I'd like to know what the fuck can be done about this?

    How many Ukranians did it take to get justice? How many Americans marching on Washington, clogging its streets with rage and hope for Democracy will it take?

    Anybody? Beuhler?


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