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View Diary: A Letter From Marissa Alexander - The Battered Woman Serving 20 Years For Firing A Warning Shot (327 comments)

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    were exactly the reason SYG laws were enacted. The judge in Ms. Alexander's case made an end run around SYG by claiming that because Ms. Alexander didn't flee her own home (even though she wasn't legally obligated to do so!), she must not have sincerely feared for her life. The obscene logic of warning shots also played a role - the idea that because she didn't feel the need to aim directly at her assailant, she must not have truly feared him. Both conclusions are ludicrous, but typical.

    The special prosecutor in Ms. Alexander's case, Angela Corey, was appointed to the Zimmerman case precisely because she is so good at getting around self defense law and securing convictions in cases where the defendant argues self defense (and by "good" I mean unconstrained by ethics or fairness.) She tried, but failed, to railroad Zimmerman the same way she railroaded Marissa Alexander.

    The jury should have received a self defense instruction, and a SYG instruction, in Marissa Alexander's case. She deserves, a new trial wherein the jury is allowed to at least CONSIDER self defense.

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