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View Diary: 15 Facts the Prosecution Team of the George Zimmerman Trial failed to address or cross examine (17 comments)

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  •  Actually every single Fact I have mentioned above (1+ / 0-)
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    nuclear winter solstice

    was part of the trial in one form of another. Either through evidence, or through George Zimmerman's own mouth via Video testimony.

    You claim to "get it", but I don't think you really do.

    Please re-read the title of my posting. I am highlighting 15 facts that the Prosecution failed to explore or cross-examine more thoroughly.

    This is not Monday morning Quarterbacking, these are the questions I was asking myself in real time as I watched the trial every day.

    As for being eveidentiay, how is it possible that Attorney West and O"mara can keep Rachel Jenteal on the stand for 5 hours and dwell on Trayvon's passive use of the "N" Word, and "Cracka", but the Prosecution couldn't spend an extra minute to exploring the fact the the Neighborhood Burglar had already been arrested and that there was no need to be so paranoid of every "Black person" that walked the street.

    Had the Prosecution been half as serious about getting a conviction on Zimmerman, the same way they did against Marrissa Alexander, they would have been more successful in not only disproving George Zimmerman's lies, but they would have been able to prove that Zimmerman left his home with a hunt in mind, and that the 4 minute gap in time that O'Mara claimed could have been enough for Trayvon to run home, was actually all the time Zimmermna needed to run to the south end of the complex using the street, and cut Trayvon Martin,  off from his home.

    Thus forcing Trayvon to turn around and start walking back towards the north end of the Dog Walk where Zimmerman finally confronted Trayvon at gunpoint.

    Zimmerman did all of this without acknowledging who he was at any time, leaving Trasyvon to believe he was being chased by either a pedophile, or a mexican Gang member.

    Zimmerman deliberately failed to identify himself knowing that Trayvon would eventually try to protect himself, the same way Zimmerman mistakenly attacked an undercover Police officer himself several years earlier.

    The only difference is that Zimmerman came out of his experience with a slap on the wrist, thanks to his Uncle on the Police Force and a Father who is a Judge. While Trayvon Martin came out of it with a bullet in his heart.

    Wise up and go Troll someplace else!

    Be Excellent. Even when no one is watching!

    by Vision on Sun Jul 21, 2013 at 03:36:35 PM PDT

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