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  •  yeah we now have a Star Chamber and I'd like (7+ / 0-)

    someone supporting Team Blue try to convince me that if GW Bush , or basically any Repub were doing this they would be mum.

    How can people not see what's wrong with anyone with the power to be judge jury and executioner over anyone anywhere, blowing them up and everyone nearby?

    I'm tired of doing with Obama supporters what I did with Bush fans by pointing out that all these (un-Constitutional) powers being gathered by the Executive Office would not always remain with their Party.

    What I didn't expect was to not worry about a future President but THIS one as he has killed Americans (among the thousands of others by Drones) without any sort of judicial review, due process, indictments or oversight of any form.
    What about one example like the 16 year old boy blown up at an outdoor cafe a few weeks after his father is blown to bits (others as well)? That boy wasn't even accused of any crime, but the former WH spokesman Gibbs did place the blame on the boy having a bad father.
    How bad does it have to be before the idea of 'fear the Republican nominee ' means nothing?

    Fwiw I didn't vote for Obama this last time, I voted my conscience and if Romney had been elected for some reason I think stuff like a freakin 'kill list', force feeding prisoners at GITMO (a crime btw), bombing weddings funerals and social gatherings, cuts to Soc. Security,the Trans Pacific Partnership (aka NAFTA on steroids), tax cuts for the mega wealthy, an unprecedented attack on whistle blowers ,attacks on unions, privatizing education, immunity for torturers (and enablers) or spying on everyone in the world would cause outrage, but apparently not with Obama for those with 'conditional' values, aka hypocrites.

    Here is a list worth noting and I'd like to know which one of these things would be supported by Obama fans if done by a Republican.

    Opinions aside,including whatever laws we pass in this Country, it is a war crime to kill people in countries with which you are not at war with unless they pose an IMMINENT threat and that doesn't mean 'possibly in the future', so if people disagree maybe they'll understand if other Countries start passing laws saying THEY have the right to attack Americans in America because they pose an 'imminent threat" to their country.
    If anything they probably have a case.

    without the ants the rainforest dies

    by aliasalias on Mon Jul 15, 2013 at 11:09:07 PM PDT

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