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  •  I *just* now caught this comment! (none)
    Wow. I hope she does read this... I would like to ask her to please accept my thanks for her refusal to accept the way things are.
    •  Gratitude, pure gratitude. (none)
      It's been so long since we've seen or heard the truth I was beginning to forget what it sounded like.

      I do have a question: if "everybody knew" as the media now claims, that there were no WMD, why did the Senate Committee on Intelligence investigate how we "got WMD so wrong"? What were they doing interviewing her? And why did they bother to issue a report?

      •  Gee, debraz... (none)
        ... ya think we'll get them to give us a straight answer?</snark>

        I'm with you... That's why I want to see the next part of that Senate investigation un-stalled.

        •  Rocky-feller (none)
          Has been sent to sup at the kiddies table.  He made not a public peep about it.  That whole summer he did a ton of talk show appearances with Roberts, mostly sickeningly collegial stuff. I haven't seen his mug on my tellie since.  Recall that the whole "intelligence reform" crap came out of this. Now THAT was a waste and we have them to thank for death squad Negroponte.

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