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View Diary: Will Washington, D.C., be a national example for fighting Walmart? (24 comments)

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    We, as Americans and Retailers, made Walmart what it is. It was also one of the first non-sexist retailers as well.  Why do I say this?  Most retailers (outside of Waltmart) up to the late 80's only opened there doors from 9am til 5pm.  They depended on and required women to be stay at home Moms, or required Men and Women to take Vacation days to shop.  

    Walmart saw the growing role of women outside the home and the dual income home and catered to them. By in Large small retailers did not and eventually went out of buisness because of it. If retailed just modified hours to stay open until 8pm, or even 6pm, Walmart would not be the powerhouse it is today.  Sam Waltons position was always that they would take the customers other retailers could not be bothered with.  It turns out a there were a lot of customers retailers could not be bothered with.  

    Most Hardware and automotive stores still stay in buisness, even with Walmart.  Why is that? Most of the products they sell overlap. The difference is that those stores catered to men and stayed open later (til 6 or 7 pm) so they could visit after work.

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