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  •  I've been around here for 7 years. I'm an (0+ / 0-)

    Individual and I also own a business. I have written a out it here and people are well aware of it. I'm not promoting anything related to my business in this diary. Just solid information.

    You're user 109xxx.  I'm 150xxx. You are well aware of how to learn more about me and what I'm about. Knock yourself out. But fwiw I'm a part of this community and have been for years. Go look.

    •  Geez, jump back! (1+ / 0-)
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      You wrote:

      Part of our game plan, being that we're a business focused on state and local politics.
      Which is not quite the same as your profile:
      provocateur, artisan, rebel, dreamer, doer.
      Occupation: media
      And there's no website (personal or business) in your profile, and I have no way to google your business to find out what it is.

      You know, with the same amount of time and keystrokes you could have said, 'My partners and I have This Business in MD, where we work on X'.

      But the fact is, You (plural) are a business that focuses on state/local politics AND you have posted a diary here presenting an activist opportunity for Kossites WITHOUT TELLING THEM about your business involvement.

      A friendly little announcement, at the top of the diary, maybe with a link to a previous diary in which you described your business, would have done the job of 'Full Disclosure'.

      And even when asked, you don't identify your political business in a diary about a political action that you have suggested to the people who are going to roll out ACA locally.   Dubious, imo.

      •  You can easily see my diary history. My (2+ / 0-)
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        CroneWit, ladybug53

        Business not being listed in my profile is because I didn't join this site to promote my business (and in fact the business is a new one). Nor do I stick around here as a matter of business. It's not my focus or reason to be here at dkos and never will be.

        You can see my business here
        Here's my Facebook page if you're up on FB

        I publish a monthly magazine focused on state and local democratic and progressive politics which you an access a sample of and information about from the website or from this link

        Our official launch was July 1, 2013.

        I introduced the idea here in early May. We (my husband and I who are the only employees of this startup right now) got a warm reception.

        Since then I've been a bit less frequent here. Running this thing with two people is a full time job for 10 people but this is my Internet family where people know me and care about me and I know and care about them.

        I hope this is enough info for you.

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