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View Diary: Tom Engelhardt, Can Edward Snowden Be Deterred? (19 comments)

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  •  Yup, they are INCREASING the chances of future (1+ / 0-)
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    leaks.  Spot on:

    It would be hard then not to conclude that capturing him, imprisoning him, trying him, and throwing away the key is likely to increase, not decrease, the flow of those documents.
    That's just one reason the Morales incident is so bizarre.  What did they think would happen if they HAD succeeded and pulled him off the plane with a hood over his head?  It would have just increased the chances of future leaks because it would have told the world how seriously wrong this has all become, in a very visually disturbing way reminiscent of dystopian nightmare scenarios.

    So there will be more leaks.  Snowden was, as brilliant as he seems to be, very young and naive in how he did it.  And he has served as an object lesson to dissidents in the bureaucracy, but not the kind of object lesson the government may have intended.  If the message was supposed to be, "We'll go absolutely berserk tracking you down and destroying you no matter where you go if you fuck with us," the response will very likely be to instead warn leakers that 1) it's more important than ever and 2) you've gotta be one hell of a lot smarter about how you go about doing it, with a better alibi and escape plan.

    Fleeing to Hong Kong may have been a blunder.  Not because Hong Kong is so bad, or because he should have 'stayed to face the music like a real man" or any of that shit.  It drew attention to him and made him a target they could punish, unlike the people who have leaked similar things for years to the press about NSA domestic spying and got away with it.

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