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View Diary: What Would a Decent Teen Pregnancy Prevention Campaign Look Like? (11 comments)

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  •  The answer's pretty simple. (0+ / 0-)

    If people were -serious- about preventing teen pregnancy, they would support:

    -- Comprehensive, science-based sex education, including both detailed information on the function of the male and female reproductive systems, detailed instruction on the proper use of contraceptives, both barrier and chemical, starting at about age 11-12 and repeated every year.  Oh, and information on ways that you can have sexual fun that don't involve penile-vaginal penetration -- along with realistic enumeration of the risks involved in such.

    -- At the very least, free condoms (and single-serving lube packets) available with no questions asked in schools, and, preferably, in the community at large.

    -- Subsidized hormonal birth control that didn't require parental permission to obtain.  This includes the Morning After pill.  Female?  Get free lunch at school?  Get free birth control meds.

    -- Readily available abortion services in the community with no requirement for parental notification.

    Anything else is feel-better glad-handing bullshit.  Well, unless you include chastity belts, or just locking the kids in their rooms 24-7 until they turn 18.

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