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View Diary: Detroit Free Press photographer arrested while filming another arrest (100 comments)

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    Under oath, the trooper said, truthfully, that he had walked up to me and told me to stop taking photos. The lawyers went over the sequence time and again, to make sure that we had the defendant's version correct. His story matched mine as to exactly what happened.
    Gist of the story depended on the fact that I was charged with disobeying a police officer. Yet the officer had NOT actually told me to do some certain things, like leave the scene.

    In discovery, the trooper and I agreed that he had walked up to me, and spoken in a normal voice. He had told me to stop taking photos but he had, in fact, never told me to leave the scene. He and I were together, maybe 50 yards from where the chief was standing next to the person's body.

    When the chief was giving his deposition, he said that he had specifically heard the trooper order me to leave the scene, because he was standing right next to the trooper when he yelled that order to me!

    Our lawyer asked him to repeat that testimony, and the chief did so, clearly claiming that the trooper was standing next to him, and that he yelled at me to leave the scene.

    Except that both the trooper and I had already sworn under oath that had not happened at all.

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