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    ...But I've been stalked by people with an intent to do me bodily harm before.  The only difference was that I knew that the people who were stalking me were indeed out to rough me up.  

    If I took off and tried to get away from the creepy stalker guy, and then he continued following me, I'd be fearful that the guy was going to mug me or worse.  That's an important thing to remember here -- TM tried to get away from the weird fucker stalking him and the stalker pursued.  Normal people don't do that without bad intentions or because you just did them wrong.  Cops do, but cops are cops.  Since this guy was obviously not a cop, TM would be perfectly right to assume that there was something wrong with this guy and to assume that the guy coming after him either had bad intentions or a serious mental defect.

    We don't know that Trayvon ambushed Zimmerman by anything other than Zimmerman's own testimony.  Given the fact that TM was on the phone when it happened, it sounds more like it was the other way around -- you don't chat with someone (on a phone or otherwise) while you're stalking another party; it can give you away.  Any kid who's played hide-and-seek knows this.  If anything, it sounds more like he was taken unaware by Zimmerman, who may also have been surprised when he ran into TM, even though he was looking for him.

    Frankly, at that point, if TM had been armed and shot GZ dead, I'd say that it was justified, that he could believeably say that he feared for his life.  Instead, it seems more like GZ jumped Trayvon, TM got the upper hand -- maybe, there was no real injury to the back of GZ's head, certainly not anything that would corroberate his claim that his head was being slammed against the concrete repeatedly like the OP's was against the car windshield -- and then GZ shot him.

    If you really want to cut out the racial bullshit, put a white girl in the place of the black man.  Even if we assume that Treyvon threw the first punch.

    A 17-year-old white girl is walking home from a convenience store.  An old dude in a car starts following her.  She runs off to lose him and he pursues.  A few minutes later while talking to her boyfriend on the phone, she's confronted by the same creep.  Fearing for her safety, of being beaten or mugged or abducted and raped, she attacks him.  The man shoots her.

    Do you really think that there would be jurors saying that the shooter had 'his heart in the right place' if that was the situation?

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