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View Diary: Killing Trayvon Martin's soul (129 comments)

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  •  I'm not bragging. George gave inconsistent ... (0+ / 0-)

    ... versions of his story(ies). No bias there; just read his statements.

    My point - responding to the preceding comment - was that when he puts himself before interviewers (as one would on a book tour, for example), he will be tested far more intensively than Sean Hannity's soft lobs. It wouldn't bother me that if he trades on his celebrity, he gets called to task. That is what happens to public figures.

    I don't want to see George Zimmerman in danger. Your charge has nothing to do with what I wrote. I hope he feels guilt or at least remorse for killing someone. I'd be afraid of any person who kills - in self defense or otherwise, no matter how pure of heart - yet doesn't feel sorrow for taking a life. Wouldn't you?

    2014 IS COMING. Build up the Senate. Win back the House : 17 seats. Plus!

    by TRPChicago on Sun Jul 21, 2013 at 01:57:22 PM PDT

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    •  Fair enough (0+ / 0-)

      I may have misinterpreted some of your intentions.

      If he indeed does do book tours he is putting himself at risk and that judgment call and the danger is his responsibility.  Its unfortunate but ya its reality.

      "Wouldn't you?" Good question. The answer is depends.

      I personally would be uncomfortable around anyone who carries a loaded weapon. The fact that they used it before in self defense, I do not think would make a difference.

      I personally am more worried by stupidity and carelessness.

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