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View Diary: Florida Style Justice Part II: Membership has its Privleges (62 comments)

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  •  I don't need more (0+ / 0-)

    Again, juror 39 saying Zimmerman had a "good heart" is not a neutral position.  What makes her say that?  Why is he cursing on tape about "These fucking punks. They always get away." Yet it's Trayvon Martin who get's described as angry?

    This seems to be based on nothing but Zimmerman's word, which is highly suspect.

    I don't recall saying Zimmerman had a "bad heart."  The point I was trying to make was how can the dude with the record of violence (his ex-wife, the undercover cop) who decides to follow a kid for walking slow in the rain, ends up killing that kid, and still be described as a good guy.

    Now as for all of your racial imagery, I'm pretty sure you can have "bad heart" without pictures of you punching black people on Facebook, wearing Nazi paraphanalia, or having Klan membership.  

    Also you do understand that you seem to be saying that as long as you don't hospitalize your wife, you can do whatever you want to her right?  That's worrisome for the women in your life.

    •  the judge dismissed any mention (0+ / 0-)

      of zimmermans past because it was all run of the mill.

      The only record zimmerman has with his ex is she asked for a protective order and so did he. The police never charged him with a domestic violence beef. it's a pretty low bar
      for a DV arrest. If the cops didn't arrest on that, it's
      pretty low grade opera.

      i didn't see the cops arresting zimmerman for assaulting his ex. i didn't see a medical record on that.

      if a florida superior court judge tosses it, it's tossed.

      both incidents were 8 years prior, with no significant
      judicial intervention.

      if Florida rules are much like Federal rules, they wouldn't be admittable.  GZ wasn't convicted of the issue with the cop, it went to pre-trial diversion. He wasn't convicted of anything
      with his ex-wife, they were civil orders.

      you make the guy out like he's a comic book villian, when
      it's pretty minor league stuff.

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