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View Diary: Jack Shafer On Fire: "American journalism began in earnest as a rebellion against the state." (60 comments)

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    are people like Jack Anderson.

    Imagine for a moment that Snowden and Greenwald had gone to General Keith Alexander's house in the early morning hours and rummaged through his garbage cans, looking for old receipts and thrown out mail and whatever else they can find.

    That's what Jack Anderson did:

    Anderson feuded with FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover in the 1950s, when he exposed the scope of the Mafia, a threat that Hoover had long downplayed. Hoover's retaliation and continual harassment lasted into the 1970s.[7] Hoover once described Anderson as "lower than the regurgitated filth of vultures."[8]

    Anderson told his staff, "Let's do to Hoover what he does to others."[9] Anderson had his people go through Hoover's garbage, a tactic that the FBI used in the surveillance of political dissidents. Anderson's investigations were a tipping point in the attitude of the public and the press towards Hoover. Prior to Anderson's exposés few people of stature had dared to publicly criticize Hoover. After Anderson, many followed suit, and the man who had been the public persona of exemplary law enforcement became exposed for his failures and dubious activities in the areas of organized crime and civil rights, many of which were of questionable legality.

    People used to think that kind of thing was brave.  Today, he'd be called a traitor for that.  "Who gave HIM the authority to rummage through that garbage.  How do we know he won't give something to America's enemies that helps them!"  

    They eventually asigned G. Gordon Liddy to assassinate him.  Fortunately, that never happened because Liddy got himself into, uh, other troubles.  Today, the government's paid assassin of journalists Liddy is a revered radio talk show host.  You always fail up in this country.

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