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View Diary: After Snowden, Booz Allen Wins Navy Cyber Work (19 comments)

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  •  I don't see how any of those are fundamentally (2+ / 0-)
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    DRo, icemilkcoffee

    different in any meaningful way.

    •  I don't know details about them. (2+ / 0-)
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      Roadbed Guy, CroneWit

      But I bet many of the politicians now publicly defending the surveillance state have taken huge sums of money from them.

      Be the change you want to see in the world. -Gandhi

      by DRo on Wed Jul 17, 2013 at 07:30:35 AM PDT

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      •  To me there's two ways to look at the situation (5+ / 0-)
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        DRo, native, Catte Nappe, unfangus, greengemini

        1) it was just a random chance that Snowden worked at Booz Hamilton (compared to any of the other companies in the same sector) - I doubt that any of them had a better ability to weed him out in advance if he had opted to go work for them.


        2) he was specifically attracted to Booz H because they had the best/most/juiciest secrets - thus, if the new contracts are diverted to a different company, the next Snowden will just target that company instead.

        To me the identity of the company is small potatoes, the existence of the system at all is what the problem is.

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