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View Diary: Iowa Republican pledges to share good news of Jesus Christ with Chuck Schumer if elected to Senate (123 comments)

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    I always get a chuckle when Republicans feel the need to chase the Jewish vote. They almost always lose it miserably, and its too small to be worth caring about anyway. It has been many decades since the Jewish vote was large enough to really influence any election even in Florida. The last time the Jewish vote had any relevance was ironically in the farcical Palm Beach  2000 presidential race when it punched chads for Pat Buchanan giving Bush the slightest of convoluted claims on which the Supreme Court made him President. Maybe Republicans just love that story so much that its like the Jewish vote is a good luck talisman for them. I do hear the argument that its the money Jews give rather than the number of votes they have that is important.  Everyone screams about Soros who was pilloried all these years mostly because he supported marijuana legalization and Adelson, the most successful gambler and pimp in the history of the known universe, but  I have my doubts as to whether the cash they and other Jewish contributors give is really that  large a portion of the total pie. Maybe I am wrong and the conventional wisdom is correct (for once.)  Some real numbers on the cold hard cash may answer the question.

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