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View Diary: Judge Nelson's *Missing* Instructions To The Zimmerman Jury (446 comments)

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  •  So someone can be shot dead through the (9+ / 0-)

    heart for aggressively running from someone?

    No answer to your question. Answer to my question is YES and the pursuer can get away with it -- facts.

    So, what exactly are you arguing?

    I will remind you that George Zimmerman was not beaten to death. He was not even beaten to butterfly bandage. Those are the facts.

    "Southern nights have you ever felt a southern night?" Allen Toussaint ~~Remember the Gulf of Mexico~~

    by rubyr on Wed Jul 17, 2013 at 12:22:52 PM PDT

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    •  And there was no struggle for the gun (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      marty marty, rubyr

      Somehow with all the head pounding into the concrete (I think he faked or constructed some of the injury after the fact), GZ got off a clean shot to the heart. How can that be with the taller TM reaching for it, too? And if TM's body position as found was so far away from the concrete, either GZ is lying about his head being pounded or he moved the body.

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