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View Diary: GOP senator: Vocational school is the answer to high student loan debt (121 comments)

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    The correct answer to high student debt is not telling people to do something that may (or may not, if they go to a for-profit vocational school) leave them with lower debt but is also overwhelmingly likely to leave them with higher unemployment and lower wages.
    Even in a very good economy, a less advanced degree generally means higher unemployment and lower wages.  Get a college degree, and you have, on average, higher unemployment and lower wages than people with masters degrees.  

    The issue is not whether an educational path leads to lower wages than some other degree path, but whether it leads to unacceptable wages and employment in absolute terms.

    Also, what we should advise students to do depends on their level of scholastic preparation and their likelihood of attaining the degree:  a vocational degree confers higher wages and a better financial situation than going to, and then flunking out of, a 4-year college.

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    by Caj on Wed Jul 17, 2013 at 01:38:18 PM PDT

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