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View Diary: A Man With A Gun Just Wants To Ask You Some Questions (26 comments)

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  •  hello 911-- (5+ / 0-)

    There's a man out here with a gun following me.  
    Yeah, I'm just walking home ...  
    I should talk to him and find out what he wants?  Really?


    This isn't about the legality of gun ownership.  It's about the boundary between safety awareness and vigilantism. And it's about xenophobia.  And it's about perceptions about crime.

    Not saying wikipedia is necessarily your best source on this, but it makes for interesting reading

    Personally, I think the widespread belief that crime is increasing is partly due to the internet. I now see news about local burglaries and homicides in far off burgs that I wouldn't ever have seen in my local paper.

    •  It is also about a man with a gun who is not (0+ / 0-)

      intelligent enough to realize that the person he is following most likely lives there and only possibly is a criminal. I was only 7pm not 2 in the am.  And lacks the good sense to know that he is probably scaring the crap out of that resident by stalking them, or giving a perp a chance to plan his defense.

      So when he finally gets his hands on the person he is stalking ("Get off.  Get off." according to Rachel) that person is probably going to react like a cornered frightened dog does.

      Georgie is too damn dumb to be allowed to carry a gun.  And to load it will hollow points is in and of itself criminally dangerous.

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