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View Diary: La. (and the country) need a new Huey Long! (23 comments)

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  •  That sounds like people who voted for (1+ / 0-)
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    Edwin Edwards saying, "So he skims some off for himself, so he's a crook -- he does good things for the state."  

    Yes, Long did some good things for the state.  That does not excuse his blatant theft of hundreds of millions of dollars of money, through the Win or Lose Oil Company, that should have gone to the state, or his use of state money and state offices to blatantly bribe others for his own political gain.  That is the worst kind of corruption.  

    I am not surprised that the "official Huey Long Website" provides only one side of Long.  To get a balanced view, you might want to rely on more neutral sources. I suggest T. Harry Williams' biography.  

    •  He transformed the state and dragged it (0+ / 0-)

      into the 20th Century.

      Far from your 'did some good things'.

      If you can acknowledge that fact I can acknowledge his less than sainthood behavior towards his political enemies.

      Otherwise I will still acknowledge anyway as I believe the outcome of his policies was exceptionally beneficial to the people of the state despite his personal drawbacks.

      The adoption of his policies are really what is important for the state and for our country.

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