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  •  I wish Zimmerman got the manslaughter verdict (3+ / 0-)

    I think he deserves.

    THe jury, according to the jurist interviewed, strongly considered it but just could not tell that the law on self defense allowed them to include in their decision what happened just prior to the actually the running after a benign-intentioned (walking home from store) teenager.

    No one disputes he ran after TM, at least initially. It is on the  911 tape. I believe it was grossly negligent because--and I am SURE GZ doesn't think of this because he NEVER tried to look at what happened from TM's point of view and neither has many of his supporters--TM EXPERIENCED being chased by an unknown adult for no known reason in the dark in the rain in a neighborhood he was visiting.  THAT IS in fact threatening and anyone would feel that way. No matter what your physical condition, if you were weirded out enough to break into a run as TM did (not disputed), you were creeped out.

    GZ set up the tone of their "relationship" and interaction that evening. And it was one of threat.

    I personally believe that We Cannot Be Sure beyond a reasonable doubt that GZ  had so much hate in him that he decided in the moment to kill TM when he didn't need to. I think it is possible he feared for his life even though he was only hit once or twice..because evidence points to him being not a great fighter. I think of him as a coward hiding behind a gun so him fearing for his life prematurely fits what I think of him somewhat. AND UNFORTUNATELY it doesn't matter by FL law if his life was in danger, it Only matters if he FELT endangered. WHich of course is a Stupid and dangerous law especially for young Black men who stupid White people may prematurely feel "endangered" by so they shoot them (!)

    I do think it is possible and my gut tells me it may even be likely that GZ was somewhat fearful but not entirely. He may have been both fearful but angry at loosing a fight...angry at being beaten by a kid that in the moment to him was a "criminal" as per the 911 call he made (ie "f-ing punks, they always get away").

    I don't think GZ planned in his car to kill (murder 1). He may have killed when he didn't fully have to (murder 2) but I think it can't be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    I think he's guilty of manslaughter because of the chasing and the implicit threat that he set up for the teenager by doing that.

    THe Jury asked about manslaughter and the interviewed juror,iirc, said that one juror had the question if they could take what happened prior to the fight (such as GZ getting out of car and the chase). They never got that answered for themselves. They instead concluded, she said, that they Were Not Allowed By Law to look at what preceded the fight.

    They felt they could not do what three jurors, ie half, initially wanted...manslaughter...because in looking just at the fight they couldn't PROVE beyond a reasonable doubt that GZ did NOT fear for his life, based on what the prosecution presented.

    The defense has fought successfully to remove the instruction that what happened before the fight could influence the verdict (I don't remember the specifics but it would have given them a green light to consider what GZ did before the fight). So they did not.

    GZ either murdered TM in cold blood, which is unprovable beyond a reasonable doubt, OR he committed manslaughter. Which the jury didn't know they could choose because they didn't get the instruction on how to apply the law.

    PRosecution sucked. I think they may have thrown it as they sucked on many very important places.

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