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  •  This is where it all starts (6+ / 0-)
    I reached my breaking point when the only place I had to live was under the roof of my mother’s house with her and my abusive stepfather.
    This is where it all starts.   My heart breaks for children who lose the parent lottery.   So many other problems start there, and there is so little that can be done to help kids in this situation, and there are so, so many children in this situation.    I wish you had better emotional support when you became pregnant at 13, but what I wish even more is that you had a nurturing, supportive environment to grow up in, so you had less chance of becoming pregnant, and more choices if it did happen.
    •  And that is just one lesson. (0+ / 0-)

      That is just one to be learned from this. One more reason choice is important. Mentally ill 13 year olds have no business being pregnant or giving birth or being parents. Especially without a strong support system. We should be more concerned with ensuring our children are growing up in healthy environments.
      And thank you.

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