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  •  Heinous editing? LOL! (0+ / 0-)

    NBC left out one sentence, "Is he white, black or hispanic?" GZ is heard to say, "he looks black."  There is nothing about that in any rational mind that would describe such a statement as being racist.  GZ was simply giving a description to the dispatcher.  I didn't hear the dispatcher ask GZ about TM's demeanor but he had no problem describing him as "looks like he's up to no good, something's wrong with him, he's on drugs or something, I don't know what his deal is" all of which he offered without being prompted by the dispatcher.

    There was also no proof offered to the jury that Trayvon Martin attacked GZ.  Considering GZ's overzealous, wannabe cop attitude who complained about how "these assholes always get away" while running after TM, it's far more likely that GZ tried to detain TM and that's why TM punched him.  

    Considering GZ claimed he had wrist control of TM and had the gun in his hand, he most certainly did not have to shoot TM.  Why did he never identify himself as NW?  Why didn't he warn TM that he had a gun and would use it if he did not stop doing whatever GZ allegedly claimed he was doing to him?  TM would have needed six arms to do everything that GZ claimed he did at the moment he shot him.  

    In order for someone to be considered the initial aggressor, they do not have to do anything physical.  GZ provoked TM by following him, profiling him and attempting to detain him because of his freakish paranoia.

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