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View Diary: His 'sexiness' scares the hell out of us. (36 comments)

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    i like your diary, really do, including the insecurity about our own attractions. Yet, this touches on the opposite too. Someone who is a monster? What is a monster? we are all not children, are we? Who of us has not monstrous tendencies in themselves? That disturbs me more than finding a foto of someone attractive who has done a monstrous deed. More than that I am disturbed by the idea that something monstrous could not be us. That is what people really need to understand. The monstrous deeds are a potentiality thats hidden in anyone of us, and it is self-delusion to think any one of us could not have been by fate subject to a life story that resulted in them doing such a deed.

    This has been hammered home to us in my home country. I´m German. maybe it is that. But observing on this web site over a long time, this I find one of the most strong contrasts to things as I am used them: the assumption around here that since we are good, we cant be monsters. We can, it takes only a very little bit of tweaking.

    Behind this: why this desire to be just good, just clean? We are all humans. Why run away from it? Are we so insecure? It calls out my distrust.

    what matters is our struggle. What sets us apart is not that we "are" somehow above monstrous deeds. We never are. What sets us apart whether, or not, we try to overcome that side in us. There is no "aim", no end state. We are all threatened until our last breath, we are never absolved.

    •  I agree. I use the word monster because it was (4+ / 0-)

      used on the cover and it the word everybody applies to try and distinguish those "bad people" from us "good people."

      Yes, we are capable of monstrous deeds. And seeing this attractive boy probably triggers that realization in us, too. Which is more frightening than someone else being a "monster."

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