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  •  How are my hysterics going to effect this 'case'? (0+ / 0-)

    And the real pity is that a neighborhood watch with a Javert complex couldn't take his gun grocery shopping as intended, instead of hunting kids in his neighbors' back yards with it.

    Why is the 17 yr old kid supposed to save himself and zimmerman from zHoles armed and reckless bad judgement? Why is Trayvon responsible for keeping z from slaughtering him? Shouldn't the 28 yr old who considers himself responsible for the safety of his neighborhood, and this while carrying a loaded pistol, be the one who prevents an innocent walk home from turning into a shooting death? He's 28, he's the 'watch', he's got a gun, he knows the cops are coming. Why does he get a pass for all his bad judgements that result in a fight and a fatal shooting?

    Don't you have any suggestions for zHole too? Suggestions that might have kept him from creating an incident that escalates into the shooting death of an unarmed kid walking home?

    And zhole getting out of his truck is the action that leads to Trayvon's death, not the first punch. A punch the shooter would have every reason in the world to lie about.


    •  if you want to look for the starting cause (0+ / 0-)

      it could be GZ going shopping.

      it could be TM getting kicked out of school.

      The law correctly sets the standard at who started the fight.

      because it's legal for TM to be walking around the complex
      and it's legal for GZ to follow him.

      you can call him names, but, his conduct was inside the bounds of the criminal law.

      if TM thought the situation was scary enough to run, why
      didn't he call 911 too? Why didn't he call his dad? Why
      didn't he keep running, it was one block to safety?

      •  zHole knows he shouldn't 'watch' with a gun. He (1+ / 0-)
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        knows he's not supposed to follow anyone, He knows he is supposed to identify himself to anyone he does come into contact with. Violating these guidelines leads directly to the confrontation that causes the death of Trayvon on the night he is shot.

        Trayvon's suspension has nothing to do with that night. He seems to be unsure if he is danger or not. He's a 17 yr old minor. He has no idea that he is in a life or death situation.

        zHole is a 28 yr old adult. He has guidelines to follow. He doesn't follow them. Because of this a fight starts and a minor is killed by an armed 'watch' why outside the scope of his duties.

        The judge excluded from the instructions on manslaughter  charges the section that states you cannot follow someone until you provoke a response and then claim self defense if a death occurs. But she did describe SYG to the jury even tho the defense did not claim SYG.

        Zimmerman's reckless armed zeal killed Trayvon. The lax police work, county & states attorneys, the judge, and jury, all let Trayvon down after his needless pointless death.

        Tryvon is not in any way responsible for his own death. Black while walking is not a crime.

        And zHole deserves a lot worse than being called names.

        •  GZ was outside the neighborhood watch guidelines (0+ / 0-)

          but he wasn't outside the law.

          •  Not as the laws & justice system were employed in (0+ / 0-)

            this shooting I would agree.

            Now a teenager is needlessly dead and a reckless aggressive common sense challenged buttinski is loose among with a notch on his safetyless hollow point loaded pistol.

            Is he walking his pit bull, Oso, in a neighborhood near you?

            •  Did GZ deserve to die? (0+ / 0-)

              Lets say GZ didn't have a pistol but did the same things.

              Would you defend TM for kicking his ass, and putting him
              in the hospital?

              •  Yes. zHole could have identified himself as watch, (2+ / 0-)
                Recommended by:
                Quicklund, misterwade

                told Martin the cpos were on the way, kept his distance and simply retreated, knowing the police would take charge of z's reported non-incedent.

                But why hospital? It has been well established that zHoles injuries were superficial. No medico maintains he needed more than minor 1st aid and z refuses going to the ER. At the time he killed Martin his injuries, however he got them, didn't even require bandaids.

                If Trayvon had survived that night this may all have boiled down to dueling SYG defenses.

                z is a nosey prick and a good ass kicking would do him a world of good.

              •  He had one (2+ / 0-)
                Recommended by:
                Grabber by the Heel, misterwade

                as it happens. A creepy ass cracker got away with murder.

                You know it, I know it.

              •  That way they'd both be alive to testify, eh? (1+ / 0-)
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                Grabber by the Heel

                So I would much rather have had that scenario play out, that much I can say with certainty.

                You know what? I accept the jury's decision in the sense that reasonable doubt applies, and I have personally sat in a jury room in bitter argument over that very concept.

                But I do not feel compelled to spend my free time defending Mr Zimmerman's acts as being justified beyond all reasonable doubt.

                To be honest, watching this compulsion on display always leaves me with reasonable doubt as to the genuine altruistic nature of the highly motivated Zimmerman defender

              •  To be clearer, nobody needed to die or would have, (1+ / 0-)
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                but for zHoles reckless and lethal choices.

                And if you wrote your post asking me if zHole deserved to die and then thru in does he deserve an ass beating to trick me into a 'death to zHole' answer...fuck you.

      •  you are so flipping wrong (1+ / 0-)
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        Grabber by the Heel

        GZ chased him down for no reason, and failed to comply with cops direction to stop.  So the law does not correctly set the standard at who started the fight if the law says the kid started it, because he was chased and harassed by the murderer. You must be both morally and intellectually impaired to suggest such obvious bullshit.  Shame on you! Asshole.

        Power to the Peaceful!

        by misterwade on Sun Jul 21, 2013 at 03:46:55 PM PDT

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