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View Diary: "My Son's Movements Have Been Closely Monitored." (135 comments)

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    shanikka, Oh Mary Oh

    Whoever tweeted/emailed this wants us all to know he thinks this is an outrage. But emailing and tweeting this information to a sympathetic audience doesn't do anything (except possibly publish enough information to identify this man and his mother).

    It's utterly predictable that people will tell the world how outraged they are about Trayvon. I see a lot of people asking is to congratulate them for being angry. What I never see are white people privately challenging racist whites. White folks are really good at wearing hoodies, but I seldom see any willing to pay the social cost of jawboning racist white people when there's no one else around, or when they're outnumbered.

    That's why I refuse to talk about this with my white colleagues. I tell them to go talk about it with other whites if they're so concerned.

    They never do.

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