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    My other post was a response to your moto about tax cuts not the Zimmerman case.

    As far as the Zimmerman case goes, it was a clear case of self-defense based on the "retreat to the wall" defense. Before the "stand you ground" principle was articulated about 100 years ago, you had to "retreat to the wall" before you could use deadly force in self defense. According to an eye witness, Zimmerman was pinned to the ground by Martin. All avenues of retreat were cut off. At that point, it doesn't matter how the conflict started. Zimmerman had the right to end the attack by any means necessary.

    Repealing the "stand you ground law" in Florida would not alter a case like the Zimmerman case. Zimmerman would till have been acquitted. On the other hand, more black men would go to prison, because many altercations between black men result in one being dead and the other claiming self-defense.

    The anti-Zimmerman protests are not social engineering, they are not liberal, leftist, progressive, or radical. They are just stupid. There is no coherent social objective involved. It is pyre intellectual inferiority on parade.

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