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View Diary: Rachel Jeantel "I believe Trayvon hit first" (61 comments)

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    We agree to disagree.  If someone puts their hands on me without justification, I'm going to do my level best to make sure they won't do it again. I've taught my children to do the same.  That is just how we roll, and white people don't have to like it (hell, I know a lot of white people who have taught their children the same thing. It's called self-preservation.)

    Just because you Zimmerman excuse makers (excuse me, racial excuse makers since you show up in damned near every thread involving race here at Daily Kos singing the same song of "oh, but.......") think that somehow Travyon Martin had some obligation to acquiesce to a private citizen with the audacity and the nerve to get into Trayvon Martin's perfectly lawful business doesn't mean you're morally (or, outside of the state of Florida, legally) right.

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