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  •  the bible is rife with contradictions (1+ / 0-)
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    so you can get anything out of it you like. It serves as a mirror of the interpreter.  That said, most of the words attributed to Jesus are in direct opposition to the ideas cited by the diarist.

    •  Yes, some of the words attributed (2+ / 0-)
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      wilderness voice, Woody

      to the mythological character named Jesus Christ do not reflect the nastiness. But others do. Just the fact that this character adhered to the concept of hell or everlasting torture for deeds done in a finite lifetime, and did not hesitate to threaten this punishment for whole towns of people, puts him in the overall category of "immoral".  Within that, there are many other judgements and statements that this character made that I find offensive and mean.

      It is really time for people to realize that the good community organizer Jesus who loved everyone and reflected a loving god is NOT IN THERE. This character made it plain he came only to preach to his own tribe and that if people lost their relationships to their own families and parents by adhering to his decrees, then so be it.   He even made fun of a disciple who wanted to follow him, but attend a family funeral first.  And did he seem to care at all about the families of the disciples who were left behind to fend for themselves?  

      People don't think about these issues, and don't seem  recognize them in the texts.  So we all continue to suffer through applying these scriptures to modern day moral issues, and we never get anywhere because everyone reads them with blinders on.

      •  yup, and (1+ / 0-)
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        He started a riot in the main temple in the capital city and wrecked the place.  Then when the Romans adopted Christianity as the state religion they followed that example and became a cult of temple wreckers.  Everywhere they conquered, they destroyed the local temples and built their "universal church" on the rubble.

        As to the concept of hell, I call it spiritual extortion. Among people who have had near death experiences, almost universally they report heavenly experiences, so there is no support for that concept in evidence.

        •  Yes, the history of the methodical (0+ / 0-)

          destruction of the pagan temples and the looting and killing by either Pope led or Roman led groups is amazing. Of course, when you look at those paintings of Mary and Jesus, they are really Isis and Horus paintings that were confiscated.

          As far as near death experiences, most of the science that has been done in that arena explains them as brain generated images due to rushes of chemicals and cells dying, halloucinations and other physical occurances. They have nothing to do with anything outside the brain such as a heaven/hell or afterlife. All evidence points to the fact that when the brain dies, our consciousness our memories and all that makes us individuals dies with it.

          Lights out.  Although it's not as satisfying as the idea that we go on in some form, it makes much more sense in terms of the universe and how it works.

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