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View Diary: White Racism towards White People? (23 comments)

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    But most people who get called racist have done something racist.  Despite what racists would have you believe, it's generally not a word that just gets thrown around.  Most of the time, if someone thinks you're racist, it's because you said or did something racist.  Now, that may not have been intentional, so it doesn't necessarily make the PERSON racist, just one thing they said or did.

    What implies that the person is racist is when they get told they said or did something racist, and instead of basically saying "Oh, sorry, I didn't realize that", or whatever, they double down or get offended at being called racist, and try to say "Nuh uh!  I'm not racist!  You just get offended too easily."

    Similarly, I would argue that interpreting this diary as saying that anyone who complains about being called racist is therefore racist, says more about you than it does the diarist.

    •  I kinda think he did say that. (0+ / 0-)
      •  No, he didn't. (0+ / 0-)

        He said there have been a lot of white racists bitching about "white people being called racist."

        That's not the same as saying "Anyone who complains about being called a racist is a racist."  What he's saying is that that's something that white racists complain about.  That doesn't mean they're the only ones who complain about it.

        And frankly, you're displaying the same victimhood complex I talked about below in this discussion.  The diarist was calling out white racists who get offended by being called out on their racism, and your immediate response is "Oh, what, so now anyone who complains about being called a racist is automatically a racist?"  

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