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  •  Want to reform the Democratic Party? (4+ / 0-)

    Then help destroy the Republican Party.

    Many people who are not 'Blue Dog' Democrats would be Republicans today, if only there was a healthy GOP exists to offer them an alternative.

    The Republican Party has moved ever rightward until we arrive at today's utterly dysfunctional national embarrassment. Things cannot go on forever like this, so they won't. It looks like the GOP leaders have painted themselves into a corner. They need to convince a large demographic to vote against their own self-interest and today they are welded by the hip to the religious right.

    Now the RR is a national drag on overall GOP popularity, but they can't shake from of the co-dependence. Not willingly, at least. Not while the current GOP leaders are in power. So we should help push them over the edge into total collapse. Call it tough love. Call it winning elections.

    The GOP needs to be broken so it can re-from itself as something other than the exploiter of the religious right. This will happen when the GOP gets pummeled at the ballot box. When tis happens, young politicians will decide they do not want to throw away their 40 years of future career just to prolong the careers of their current leaders. In short, they will want to win elections. They will then push aside the old guard and with them the old worn-out Southern Strategy.

    When this happens many young conservative-leaning Democrats will decide they have a better shot at winning a GOP primary than they would of winning in the dominant Democratic Party. They will decide to get in on the ground floor of the new GOP, so to speak.

    When this process runs its course American will find herself with a GOP broken from its extremism, and with two major parties each more ideologically consistent throughout their relative memberships.

    This will be a good day for America. We get there by hard work and winning elections. We get "better Democrats" in the long-run when our tough love sends todays GOP to the canvass for a full 10-count.

    We do not get there by bitching or by claiming there is no difference between the parties. There is, today and much more so in the future. Speaking for myself, mark me down for being part of the solution.

    •  I hope you are correct - N/T (2+ / 0-)
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      Quicklund, elwior

      "Upward, not Northward" - Flatland, by EA Abbott

      by linkage on Thu Jul 18, 2013 at 10:10:13 AM PDT

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      •  Always will be a party for the national elites (2+ / 0-)
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        elwior, prishannah

        Hard to be elite w/o one after all. So I am not predicting Xanadu here. But the elites are too few in number, so they need to coax someone along their side. For the last 50 years that's been the religious right. Now they've thrown them so much red meat the tail is starting to wag the dog. It is not sustainable, and whatever comes along to replace this version of the GOP is bound to seem sane by comparison.

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