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View Diary: See what this anti-choice protestor says about sex, babies and life (98 comments)

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    Because an adult has the opportunity to confess, repent and save their immortal soul. A baby on the other hand does not.  That is why hell is dominated by fertilized eggs that never implanted.  Figure the number of women that are having regular unprotected sex, cut that in half, and that is the number of fertilized eggs each year that these religious people believe are going to hell, due to original sin, with no chance to repent.

    Then there are the number of implanted fetuses that do get a chance to grow, but miscarriage.  Again, about a third of pregnancies end with a miscarriage, which christian lawmakers want to turn into a crime, because, presumably, they think it means a baby is going to hell, which would imply the second largest population are these fetuses.

    Of course we also have to remember that US has pretty  much the highest stillborn rate of any developed country.  This, to me, is curious as Christians could actually do something about this and save these actual fully developed humans from a life in purgatory, but all we seem to hear from them is that taxes are already too high and parents should take personal responsibility.  But these are few in number.

    I don't really believe that the almighty is malicious, just uninterested.  I certainly don't believe the almighty exists to hear prayers about one's desire to become rich, or get a better cell phone, or a prettier wife, or really would set a world in which fertilized eggs and fetuses go to hell.  What sense would it make?  But many Christians I meet do believe this.  That they are rich because of their beliefs, that they are entitled to better things, and that that hell is full of babies, and our job is to minimize this injustice by questioning the wisdom of the creator.

    •  The man, and many others, are asking the wrong (3+ / 0-)


      The correct question is not "Is it alive?"  The correct question is "Is it a human being?"

      Most of the cells in in our bodies are "alive."  If I scratch a mosquito bite on my arm, I'm destroying some dead dermis cells, but I'm also killing thousands of living skin cells. Is that murder?

      No. Those cells are not human beings.

      A two-day old zygote is a clump of a few hundred undifferentiated cells. (It's astonishing how many RTLers think that a day or two after fertilization, there's a tiny fully-formed human being in the womb.) It's absolutely alive, but it's not a human being.  Any more than the hard-boiled egg I'm going to eat in a few minutes is a baby chick.  

      If women could get safe, legal and early abortions via the "morning after" pill, no "baby" would ever die.

      But that's not the point of this whole "war on women." The point is to keep women "barefoot and pregnant." Poor and powerless. Unable to compete with men.

      The "saving innocent babies" theme is what the 1% and their political shills use to support their true goal...making sure that the power and the money stays in the hands of rich, white, "Christian" males.

      Freedom has two enemies: Those who want to control everyone around them...and those who feel no need to control themselves.

      by Sirenus on Sun Jul 21, 2013 at 05:25:50 AM PDT

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    •  Except they always talk about "innocent" life (1+ / 0-)
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      I'm not sure that most of the Fundies and forced-birthers really believe in original sin, they'd probably think that's a Catholic belief. Even if it is in the Bible, but modern Christian fundamentalism is wonderful at picking and choosing which bits of the Bible they want to believe in, or at least want to emphasize. The fact that the entire Old Testament was--in their supposed belief system--rendered void by the new covenant that is the New Testament is something they don't seem to understand. Which is amazing to me, but what do I know, I was raised an Episcopalian, who at least have a long tradition of scholarly thought. Anyhoo, the fundies think that "babies" or fetuses are innocent, so we shouldn't kill them, but once they're born and cry and are all naughty and stuff it's fine to deny them services. Or else that's the taint of the parents being visited on the children, for the sin of being poor or having sex (which led to said baby) or whatever. I think I have a headache now!

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