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View Diary: See what this anti-choice protestor says about sex, babies and life (98 comments)

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    is that any thoughts/actions originate from one of two places: love or fear.

    Unfortunately, so many people are indoctrinated into and don't see the contradictions of "God is all-powerful and all-loving - unless you do something He doesn't want you to do, in which case He will torture and punish you forever and withhold his love." Does that sound like love? It sounds like humans projecting onto God.

    Too many people believe what they were told rather than finding their own truths; they end up as automatons.

    Why do the Duggars have so many children? Did God not give them any sort of restraint? They may say "Oh, this is so great, God has blessed us with so many children." Well, no, sex has given you so many children. Just because you can doesn't necessarily mean you should.

    It seems a lot of people interpret "faith" as "I'm not in control of my life, God is." But to me, that's not faith, that's delusion. I believe in God, but I don't get it from a book. The simple fact that there are so many different religions and different approaches indicates that maybe too many people are being influenced by what humans are throwing into it.

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