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View Diary: Gender, not race, doomed the Zimmerman verdict (40 comments)

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  •  While there may be something to this... (1+ / 0-)
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    idea, I suspect gender played a minor role. I've also reluctantly concluded that based on how the trial proceeded especially the prosecution's "strategy" and the jury instructions, there probably wasn't much chance of any other jury verdict than not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    I honestly don't think this diary merited HR's though.

    Just another faggity fag socialist fuckstick homosinner!

    by Ian S on Thu Jul 18, 2013 at 09:50:53 AM PDT

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      GussieFN, mwm341

      Clearly the defense was playing on the fear that middle class middle aged white women are "supposed" to feel about "kids", especially black male "kids". No accident that a woman, not her husband, testified about her home being burglarized. Or that they showed a picture of Trayvon bare chested (which you can see on any beach).

      It is sadly true that women often do have to go through life afraid of men. Because we do get assaulted, harassed, and raped by men. HOWEVER, this was not a white boy walking around. The defense was telling these white women that this is a black boy, the kind who rapes you and breaks into your home. They were appealed to as women with racism. They were appealed to not to see Trayvon as being like their children (five of the women have children) but as different from their children, the other, the scary kid. The bad kid. The black kid.

      And BTW middle class middle aged white women don't generally fear cops. Because most of the time they see that cops are nice and polite to them. Protect nice white middle class people against THEM. The punks. The kids like Trayvon.

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