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View Diary: Hey Climate Hawks: I Need Info on Wetlands Mitigation Banking (13 comments)

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  •  It's kind of like advocating global warming (4+ / 0-)

    Because somewhere the climate will perhaps be improved in theory (i.e. longer growing seasons in former tundra), it's okay to destroy the climate where you are right now.

    The goal is to replace the exact function and value of the specific wetland habitats that would be adversely affected by a proposed project.
    Exact function and value.  So consider this: a wetland that has been there for centuries or millenia, hosting native creatures and being an accustomed stopping point for migratory animals.  It's fine to fill it in and turn it into a shopping mall if, somewhere else, some land is turned into a new wetland that may, over time, be colonized by some of the survivors from, or creatures similar to, those evicted for the mall.

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