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  •  Nobody put anything back. (3+ / 0-)
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    Nobody put anything back.
    The people did, of course. The people of Detroit put a lot into their city, a thriving, roaring dirty sexy generational love affair of one of the most unique hodge podge of ethnicity and cool unlike anything anywhere else, except, well, New York as it is now. Not then, of course, New York then was a mess, more or less at the same time Detroit was tough muscle and sweet love.
    Of course, Detroit, the whole town, was a back room where deals were cut.
    I know, I was there. I was there. When a major banking institution red lined entire neighborhoods and wouldn't approve a single home loan, and even the FBI couldn't break the bank. When they wanted a Children's Zoo on Belle Isle and the purchase of the animals was double dipped, I was there too. When the sons of the Mob threw a rolling backyard party on the East side with mounds of cocaine all over the women's bathroom, I was there. When a tire manufacturer's plant right smack on the Detroit River opened its' release valves wide straight into the Detroit River turning the water for hundreds of yards bright orange. When a real estate outfit actively promoted 'block busting', moving a black family into a white neighborhood, and the banks subsequently devalued every home on the entire block, making a second fortune on new mortgages over the 'white flight.' When the Detroit Police had the 'Big four', four of the biggest white cops you ever saw, with no precinct, roaming around anywhere, mostly on the thin edge of mayhem. Stood in the offices of the Ambassador Bridge, long before the current owners, while they called down to the bridge authorities on the job to look the other way on this international customs checkpoint. When they plowed under an aging housing project and used toxic dirt as landfill. When Henry Ford II insisted on building the Renaissance Center as a fortified compound, instead of a spread out river walk, I was at those breakfast meetings at the Pontchartrain. When tanks rolled through a burning city.
    The people loved this town, loved Detroit. Loved their sports teams, their brewery, the competing daily newspapers. The Art Institute. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Line 'em up, Joe, it's the end of shift, let's have one more round. A tough, dirty city, that wanted to be more, and sometimes, was.
    A very, very special place.
    With too many back rooms, too many deals, and those who took a piece on the way out of town, to Bloomfield, and Birmingham, with a last snort at the Oakland Hills Country Club.
    A toast to you, Detroit, my beautiful, scarred love.

    •  Beautiful (0+ / 0-)

      I'm still here and I love it.
      There are no opportunities here for people. There is no education and no employment.
      The people that are part of the revival will do nothing to change these conditions for the people that have been here all along. But the people who have been here all along already know that.
      The corruption taking place now by the state and business is small potatoes compared to Kwame.

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