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  •  i hope for DOJ charges based on 2009 law (7+ / 0-)

    named after byrd and shepard (as fed crim civil rights not likely.)

    Prosecutors screwed up. But they also had hands tied in the sense that they were banned from even using the words "racial profiling" in a case where the prosecution theory of the case was racial profiling as the bases for Z's motivation and intent. Thus, the prosecutors used the word "assumptions" instead oftentimes, but i don't think the jury made the connection.

    But, DOJ can use new evidence, the trial evidence, interview witnesses, old and new, and use evidence prosecution had but did not present at trial. For example, the prosecution did not use some historical evidence re Z racially profiling previous black men at his subdivision as suspicious criminals. While Z made many calls since 2004, the evidence prosecutors wanted to include at trial was based on 100% Z describing the suspicious people as black males.


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