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    I have struggled with this for days.  I have heard all the rationalizations from people that I know as well as the usual suspects in media. Ive been steeped in the law enforcement culture for over a decade and the amount of bullshit that this has generated has astounded me.  But You finally said what folks who are not in this law enforcement world have a hard time understanding, that lady holding the scales of justice, she has a blindfold on for a reason. So this garbage about what Trayvon did before that night doesnt matter. Who was on top last. Who screamed first. As a first responder, regardless of the race of either party you always identify a primary aggressor who initiated the incident and who used the deadly force particularly if both parties did not. Please don't give me this shit about concrete. Just based on the immediate facts on the ground; George Zimmerman should have been arrested and charged that night.

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