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  •  I Agree. About A Decade Ago We Hired A City (8+ / 0-)

    Manager. The City Council and Mayor are part time jobs. He runs the city. It was nice before, way nicer now. In the election where we voted to raise our property taxes to build that new $60M high school we voted 57% for McCain over Obama. Did I mention I live in IL :).

    When he first took office he wanted to raise business taxes, to improve and I kid you not build more parks. Everybody was pissed. I went to a few of the city council meetings and he said what I think was the smartest thing ever.

    People like nice things. Nice things cost money. I need money to give you the things you want!
    We raised taxes and improved our parks. It is hard to walk more than a few blocks in any direction and not find a park or "green" space (nobody but me calls it that here). We bought buildings on Main Street that were in shity conditions and tore them down and built parks. Paid local artist to well create art for them.

    We added a Food Bank that has won like every award IL can give.

    Oh and you said growth. Not a fan of these two companies, but both Boeing and Monstanto have opened shop here in the last year.

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